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We Saved This One, Wagmor.

Good morning, Melissa Bacelar from Wagmor Pets, who was found raising money on social media for this very dog. THIS ONE. The one in MY kennel having babies right now.

This little girl was rescued from Devore but you already know that because you rescued her, not me, right? You are the one that’s caring for her and her babies, and you are the ones that’s paying for all her medical needs and supplies, right? I mean, you were all giggly on that video talking about how you saved this girl so you could get her to her rescue.

Just saying.

And yet, someone stopped supporting us yesterday because we are being dramatic and consider Melissa Bacelar “competition”. Well, how you like this drama, kittycat? Disgusting. Rescue world. I hate you. You are the reason it’s so dark in here.

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