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BUT Volunteers would be cool, right!?

I mean everyone thinks that animal rescue should be done for free by volunteers and that maybe all the dogs should hold their poop until a volunteer can show up to help clean.

Ahh the dream.

Let’s get real here. I been waiting and asking for years for these volunteers to come and its just not happening and I cannot invite people here with poop all over the ground.

So who wants a job with a bunch of good boys and girls? That’s what they all are.. who poop all day long and stink the place up.

The job comes with a paycheck? That’s right a paycheck! Cause people who spend every day all day away from their families so that their own kids can eat and be cared for should get one.

In fact, I need two people asap! Volunteers would be great! 40 hours a week please and remember it’s hot as hell here and the dogs will jump on you. Ohh no volunteers for that? Well, how about for a paycheck? This is place needs to stay clean, otherwise rescue isn’t possible, like a volunteer to work 40 hours a week. Not possible, practical or even a little bit fair.

I need you! We need you! And you need a job. Message me now! Job starts today!

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