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We need your help!! Koda here wants to help too!

Can you help?? Please!? We have $4500 in attorney's fees we need covered so we can continue our progress on getting justice for Ruby.

It’s Katie’s Koda!! Look at this stuffy. Isn’t this amazing!? Katie, an amazing supporter of H3 sent us this stuffy modeled after her Koda who earned his silver harness way too soon.  

Katie wanted to give us this stuffy inspired by her Koda to help us earn some money to keep saving husky lives. Want it? It’s amazing and so soft and real!! You can grab your chance at winning and we will only have shots at him being yours until Sunday night at midnight so hurry and grab as many tickets as you can!

Koda is up there with my Ruby and my little Dandelion puppy whom we lost a few days ago, watching, and wants to help save husky lives with his memory. If you would like to directly donate to help us cover our legal fees, we would appreciate it sooo much! You in? Here is the link!

And here is Katie’s Etsy shop. Adorable with a Capital A.

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