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We are in need of ADOPTIONS

We are now urgent! These dogs need your help!

Open the door with me and look. Every one of these furry little loud mouths needs a family. And I cannot save more until they get one.

These past two weeks have been the roughest. So much happening here including the tidal wave effect that crashed down on us when I hit my capacity on my ag license. Problem with that is I don’t have enough resources or people here to properly take care of what my ag dept will allow so I made the decision to go on intake hold until we can get our husky poop together.

I NEED ADOPTIONS. I can’t say it any LOUDER.

And I have been torturing myself taking screenshots of the huskies that I say no too that I find out have been euthanized and it’s pushing to me scream louder. If I have to stand on top of their house and scream it I will, I need help! They are dying and I cannot stop it!!

We have to stop creating more dogs and we have to stop dumping the ones we have! H3 is drowning in them and cannot take more.

You guys are always coming through for me when we need to rescue a dog. Donations for rescues are abundant and I could get in my van every single day and ask you to help me fund a rescue and you will all go above and beyond.

Well I am asking that of you now. We rescued them. They are safe. But now we have to care for them and that’s where we are always lacking on everything from space to funds.

These dogs need your help by sponsoring them. It costs $10 per dog here every single day, EVERY SINGLE DAY, to care for a group this big. Sometimes our monthly expenses can rise up to 60k per month depending on how much vet care or transport is involved. Does that shock you? I am working on a video that will break that all down and then you can be shocked. For now, don’t be close minded to the fact that MAINTAINING the care for these dogs is what we need regular funding for. I cannot get a job and support this place with a salary, so we have to find ways to sustain ourselves and since we are still working on building housing for these dogs, we haven’t been able to great much in the way of sustainable income.

HELP!! Please sponsor! We need to care for these dogs properly and that takes thousands and thousands and thousands per month AFTER the rescue.

Can you help with a daily sponsorship? $10 will help a husky today and in return he has a thank you card for you. \Sponsor Me Daily | Husky Halfway House

How about a monthly sponsorship so I don’t have to worry about him at all? If so he has a signed thank you card and a collectible wood carved token for you . Sponsor Me Monthly | Husky Halfway House

How about sponsoring a spay? We need help with that bad . Sponsor My Spay | Husky Halfway House

Please help guys. We saved these dogs, now we have to care for them. #donatenow #huskyrescue #sponsorshipopportunity #halp

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