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We Are Getting the New Quarantine Space Done NOW

Ugh I wish I could just wake up and realize this was all a nightmare and that this guy is going to scream at the gate like he did daily when his two humans came home from school.

But that won’t happen. He is gone and I cannot take that back. But I can make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Concrete is literally being laid down in front of the new quarantine space as we speak. current floors are being pulled up so we can sanitize underneath and laying down perm tiles plus treating walls and sealing the doors.

We have raised enough to do the concrete but still need to keep going for the door, floors, seals and paint. Then I need to build the kennels themselves.

Please, please buy a raffle ticket!! Every dime gets us closer to opening back up and rescuing again. Here is the links and we have two raffles to choose from.


Help me get back to rescuing guys. Pretty please

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