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Urgent! Only 5 hours left!!!

I had to bring out the big guns... the puppy dog eyes and even dress them in something to make it extra cute. Yes, I am exploiting my rescues dogs for money. Look at Bree’s eyes! She didn’t want to end up minutes from dead to having babies in a rescue. WE NEED A SPAY AND NEUTER CLINIC.

And we just cannot keep rescuing without finding a better solution.

I NEED to raise 75k so I can buy all the equipment we need to spay hundreds... thousands of dogs so that girls like Bree can go from minutes to death to getting their life back, not giving it to 10 more homes to find, 10 more mouths to feed.

So, far today we have raised just under $15,000

And if you can help me raise 10,000 more, a generous donor is going to match it with another 25,000 giving us FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS towards our vet equipment.

I need 10,000 that’s it. 10k. And I have 5 hours to go. Please please reach deep and help. We need to make this happen. We cannot rescue more until we do. . .

Donate $50 and you get a copy of my book Mushing Halfway Home. Donate $100 and I’ll give you the book and Rubys calendar book. Two Christmas presents knocked out. Donate $125 and you get the books, and we will give you a token for the car.

Please help. 5 hours to go. 10k is needed to earn an additional 25,000 for our vet clinic.

We can do this!! Together!! Till they all have homes!!! #givingtuesday #fundraiser #fundraising #givingback #huskyrescue

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Bellisima Benelli
Bellisima Benelli
Nov 29, 2023

Awwww he is precious 💖 💗 💓

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