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The goal is to buy 5 kennels. Bethany will pay for half if we can get you guys to match the other half!! I need $2000 more to go please help!!!

Ohhh OKlahoma..

I feel so helpless here when it comes to my own state because honestly, it's so much worse here, it's just not public the way the CA shelters are. I have a husky at OKC waiting for me and they once again shut down for a flu outbreak. I HAVE NO PLACE TO PUT THIS CONTAGIOUS DOG. my CA huskies are in the quarantine space.

And over the last 3 days OKC has euthanized over EIGHTY, that's 80 animals and are euthanizing this morning too. it's very upsetting. I haven't even processed it yet.

Oklahoma is in a state of emergency right now!! 80 animals in one shelter guys! 80!! GONE. FOREVER. Huskies were euthanized too, in fact a husky was euthanized before a rescue could tag her, and she had all her medical covered and had an adopter.

What the hell is going on here! What the actual F???

I have to go get this dog and I don't have a place to put him!!! I have to buy fence panels TODAY. Like today! I cannot and will not tie him up, I will not leave him in the shelter and I will not abandon him. I will buy fencing and will spend personal money if I have to but please help me now! I don't even have a real paying job! I cannot pay for this myself. Fence panels that contain huskies are at least $100 each and I need a pallet of them RIGHT NOW.

Maybe buying fence panels won't save the lives of those 80 that just went out of there in black garbage bags, but it will keep this husky and hundreds of others from that fate.

Please help me. Buy pizza. It's helping to pay for our panels. Donate RIGHT NOW. I am taking my truck TODAY to buy panels so we can save more dogs. Help if you can. Now, right now. This cannot wait until next week. Donations accepted via PayPal, Venmo and Zelle are instant! Please help us now.

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donated.. Should we all start a change petition on this issue of OKC shelter euthanizing dogs without prior notice?


Heather Bennett
Heather Bennett
Aug 22, 2023



Done via Venmo

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