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Torri Update... I'll See You at the Rainbow Bridge 😔

To my Halfway Huskies in heaven,

Yesterday I sent you a tiny little Angel. She didn’t get a chance to breathe the air but she didn’t mind. She wasn’t feeling good anyway and she knew that if she just let go, you would all be there waiting for her. And you are. And I know she is happy.

Today I sent you another Angel, she is your tiny newcomers momma and she has been waiting impatiently to see you. She wanted to come sooner but just before she decided to go, she discovered something huge about herself.

She discovered that she was about to be a mama.

Torri was just a baby still too and she knew that she couldn’t handle what was happening but she was determined to try. She tried hard and she held out long enough to say goodbye to the remaining 8 tiny little souls she was sad to be leaving behind. For two whole days she cared for them and loved them while she gave her every ounce of energy to each and every one of them before she was satisfied, laid her head down and passed away.

I know she is with you now and just like when Laiken showed up a few months ago, I sent her with another gift for each one of you. This time it’s a tiny piece of Melissa, Mike and Annabelle’s heart. You already have a piece of mine.

Hold onto these little pieces and wait for us. They will keep you all tied together until we arrive. It wont be anytime soon because there are a lot of others like you here needing us. You will meet them all, someday, but until then, we will wait here impatiently, until we see you again, over the rainbow bridge.

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