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Tomorrow is Britney’s birthday!!

Let’s chat about what we have done while she spent her year 24 saving hundreds of lives.

In less than one year, we have saved 193 euth listed huskies from CA shelters. I’ll repeat that. 193. My goal was 100. In two weeks, Britney and I will return to CA one more time for the last time this year and make that number hit 200.

Yesterday 10 huskies walked out of Nor Cal shelters to make their way to us, at the same time, yesterday, 8 huskies got their lives back as they walked out of SoCal shelters and at the same time one of my recently rescued CA girls revealed that she is about to make that number at least 207.

For the rest of the year Britney and I want to put all of our fundraising focus, particularly since Giving Tuesday is coming, on building a vet clinic for the rescue so that we can provide our own care faster, spay before more babies are made and build a foundation that will allow us to continue to save hundreds from CA shelters and thousands collectively all over the country.

We need your help. Once my CA 18 arrive today, we are officially at capacity and will not be rescuing anymore huskies until we can get our clinic going. We understand ONE THOUSAND percent how many huskies will die since we won’t make it back to CA. We know! And we want you to know that we will keep saving them, when we have the tools we need to do so, and that’s a vet clinic. So, please, help us reach our goal and get back to rescuing. Vet clinic first. We need 250k to do it. It’s alot of money so let’s start by celebrating Britney’s birthday with a donation.

If you donate to her birthday using this link and donate at least $50, Britney will give you an entry to win the car that we have been talking about. That’s right, one of our supporters is getting a red 40th anniversary Mustang convertible for Christmas. Will it be you? Donate today and give it a shot.

The goal is 25k by her 25th birthday and that’s tomorrow. Please, please help. Every day that passes is hundreds of dogs dying in shelters. We want to stop that and we can if you help us reach our goal. Here is the link. It’s for a vet clinic guys. Please consider donating. To get the entry for the car, we need you to donate here. You must donate at least 50 for an entry. #birthday#birthdaywishes#spayandneuter#huskyrescue

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I tried to donate $50, but the link did not work. There was an error.


Wishing you the best birthday ever Britney! Thank you for all that you do at H3 & saving lives! You are learning so very much & know that all of your efforts do not go unnoticed. Enjoy your special day! You deserve it. May God continue to bless you, Jennie, and everyone at H3!


Bellisima Benelli
Bellisima Benelli
Nov 04, 2023

The lives and accomplishments are amazing. We are so grateful 🙏 for all Britney does and H3 in general!!! 🥰😍😘💞💞💞❣️

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