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Tomorrow I'll be 25!

Right now I’m trying to raise 25k for the huskies! I have a 5k match today and today only, so far we have raised $3,600 of that 5k!! Only a few hours left please help me!!! It’s literally life saving !!!

A year ago, to the day, I flew out to the rescue for the first time. I wanted to spend my birthday with the huskies. It was the best birthday ever!! Now let’s top it off this year

We did puppy yoga, adoptions and that was the very first time I met Ruby Roo. My girl. I love you so much may you rest in peace. I will never forget you and I’ll never forgive your monster. Gosh. Sorry guys that one hit a spot. I truly wish I could rewind time, she is our hero. We will always love and cherish her memory.

Okay back on track, me and Jenni did a cross county road trip to take dogs and puppies home and boy let me tell you that got interesting. Between pearls crazy story and why she didn’t go home and same for one of my puppies … however he hit the jackpot him and my girl Vera went home together!!! Going to the rescue is an amazing experience and it’s life changing. If you haven’t yet, you need to go!

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