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Today will be about Ruby.

I heard the news at the same time you did.

It’s been torture not knowing. We hadn’t seen any pics or even a glimpse of hope that she was there, in fact I used that hope to convince myself that she was safe and in a foster home. The truth is I sent her back to hell and today begins my journey of living with my mistake.

If you dont know what’s going on I’ll summarize as I plan to tell you her story in full over the next few days as I wrap my mind around the past month.

A few months ago I transferred Ruby, my special needs husky to a special needs rescue. That rescue owner was recently arrested for abuse and neglect and unfortunately Ruby got the worst of it. If you heard the court hearing then you heard what I heard. I heard it. Every word. She tortured her to the point where she chewed her tail off and was euthanized by the shelter because of her condition. I would give anything to walk into my kennel with her running around yelling at everyone in her wheelchair once again. I would give anything to go back to that day and make it right. But I can’t. I sent her to hell and she lost her life because of it. I didn’t save her or rescue her, I SENT HER BACK TO HELL. This experience has brought on great change and great change is what H3 will go through because of it. One change being where I get back to me and my mission and take responsibility for what I have done. I have yet to actually face the truth that was revealed last night. It has not hit me fully yet. It’s going to and I plan to tell you about it. Why? Because I need you to help me make sure this doesn’t happen again. I need your help on this journey. I need to get back to where I am apart of my dogs true rescue and not getting so lost in “rescuing them all” that I lose a few along the way. And I can’t lose myself either. H3 will never be a “professional organization” H3 will always be me, Jenni D, HBIC, here to learn, grow, rescue, screw it all up and learn, grow and keep rescuing and in the meantime, tell you all about it. For me. For her, for them. For only them. Anyone who thinks I should be anything but that, I want you to unfollow. This is my journey. This is Rubys journey. This is H3’s Journey and that’s the way it’s going to stay. I have no intentions of losing myself or my mission again.

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