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Today is the Last Day, Let's Get This DONE

Alright guys. Today is the day, the last day to help us keep the rescue running smooth. Everyone has stepped up big time the last few days and I am guess we have raised a bit over 7k with Bethany’s 2500 match yesterday.

Speaking of matching donations, Mayhem and Nettis dad messaged last night to tell me that if I can raise another 500 today (donations, not ticket sales), he will match it and donate the other 500.

I need 25k for the checks I write today. The concrete, we moved a building and are hooking up the electric and we also had the dorm walls painted so brought a crew in over the weekend to do that as well as paint the new bathroom floors. 25k today But all necessary to continue this mission for years and years to come.

I have to pay for this without touching our daily money. Everyday this place costs at least 1500 to run. Every single day so if I don’t hustle and make that much every single day we don't rescue. Period.

So here is another chance to help and your last few hours to get a chance at the beautiful husky wreath.

All ticket sales yesterday were twofers so everyone got an extra ticket in the pot. I am also going to draw THREE (3) more tickets from the same pot tomorrow! The second tickets gets the pen and keychain set and tickets 3 and 4 get the husky keychains. Those ticket sales end tonight at midnight.

Here is the link!! Please help! Donate to this post. I need to earn 500 today to get that match!

And/ Or buy that ticket cause this cute husky stuff, you can only get here at H3 since one of our family's hands made these for us. Husky Wreath Raffle Ticket | Husky Halfway House To Donate via Venmo Venmo | Jenni Dietsch To Donate via PayPal PayPal.Me

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