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When the three of us came together last year to go rescue 19 huskies out of California shelters.

Who knew the highs and the lows we would face together, but I really want to put how powerful this photo is into perspective.

Three women of all different backgrounds and ages, all living in different states, but teaming up together to take on a crisis in California.

Jenni Dietsch doing rescue full time and living in Oklahoma at her rescue, Bethany Lobo working a full-time job and living in California, and then me (Britney Murdock) working a full-time job & this was my vacation and I live in Maryland. I also very much want to say that the motto of our trip became “What’s one more” until we had no room left in the van. That’s what it’s like when the three of us get together to go save some huskies. We don’t want to leave anyone behind.

Here’s to the highs and the lows we faced on this journey a year ago ladies, the lows are coming but we did it, we got through it together. I cannot wait to see what 2024 has in store for us!

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So Cute!

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Three beautiful Husky Warriors! 😍 🥰😘❣️

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