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They say that pictures don’t speak the truth.

Truthfully, they don’t need to. Pictures are meant to capture memories and things that you never want to unsee because you know that you will never see that very moment ever again. Pictures don’t need to talk about the struggles or the real in life. Pictures like this are meant to make us smile and feel good about the work we are doing and the choices we make for ourselves and our pets.

This is Laveena AKA Rhapsody and Forrest, a special needs husky I rescued from a shelter in McAlester, OK. Rhapsody was transferred to me by Mercy Sakes 2nd Chance Dogs Rescue.

Forrest and Ruby, the other special needs husky that’s been on my pages all week, spent time together at the rescue while we worked to get them adopted.

I miss Ruby so much and I hate it with all my heart that I dont know where she is right now, so I asked Laveena and Forrest mom and dad if I can post these pictures.

They remind me of the hundreds and hundreds of families as amazing as them that H3 has out there and that while we will never give up fighting for Ruby, we also need to focus on them and their futures. It’s up to use it keep them safe, after all, that’s what true rescue is all about.

These pictures are true rescue. This is family, this is life. Let’s figure out a way to give this to them all. Together, till they all have homes.

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Nothing like a Husky smile!


Bellisima Benelli
Bellisima Benelli
Oct 02, 2023

Beautiful baby and story 😍

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