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The California Kids are Here

My California kids just arrived. I stayed up late to greet them, but before I turn out the lights and ask them to get some sleep, I will tell them a bedtime story..

Once upon a time there were 8 little huskies all living in the same shelter in California. None of them had been there very long or knew why they were there or what would happen next, they only knew that they were not alone. They all knew there were other like them. They could sense them and they insisted everyday that the people bring them together.

But they didn’t. They couldn’t!

But the 8 little huskies didn’t understand why and kept asking Tara, the human that cared for them everyday, if she would help them all be together. The huskies all talked to each other all day long but desperately wanted to see each other and play.

One day the huskies could hear the humans talking. They were talking about not having enough spaces to put all of the new dogs that were coming in. The people began talking about needing to make space and they seemed very, very sad about the situation.

The huskies didn’t understand why the humans would say “Im sorry that I couldn’t save you” when they walked by their cages.

But then one day the huskies all heard the people laughing and happy. The humans were talking about taking all of them on an adventure, one that would take them to Oklahoma to a place called Husky Halfway House, where they would get to do the thing they have been begging to do since they found themselves in those cages, and that’s be together.

The very next day a big white van pulled up and took 8 huskies out of the shelter and loaded them into travel crates where they got to spend a few days driving across the country getting to know their driver Karli when she took them on walks at the Love's Travel Stops.

6 more huskies were left behind at the shelter but not for long because soon they will also get to go on an adventure to H3.

In the meantime everyone at H3 gets to hug and welcome Willow and Alaska from Hesperia, CA and Scout, Luke, Otter, Whitney, Bella and Walnut from Stockton, CA.

Come back next week when the van pulls up with the other 6 huskies at the shelter waiting for their adventures.

The end.

Now how can we give the thousands we left behind in shelters all over CA, OK, TX and every other state on the map, their adventures?

We can give them that, you know. We just have to do it. Till they all have homes.

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