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The Breakfast Club

This is Pheonix, AKA Gregory NKA the blind husky from Texas living his very, very best life.

Pheonix was adopted a long time ago but i absolutely adore this picture of him.

Pheonix is here to help me tell you about “The Breakfast Club.”

You all know I have been stressing about food. Mass amounts are needed all the time so it’s time we put a little focus on it.

FYI, at this moment we are picking up two pallets of food from Greater Goods so our stash is up, yay! But I don’t want to run out or even have to think about it!

So, once a month I will be serving waffles (raffle) and everyone that sends us a bag of food throughout the month will get 10 chances to win it. In addition, anyone that is subscribed to our FB page (you pay 4.99 a month towards food) will also get a ticket to win the waffle.

This month's waffle is a bunch of amazing coffees from Kona donated by one of our amazing supporters Buddha's Cup Coffee and our coffee hoodie.

Please join our life saving club. For 4.99 a month, you can play a major role in the success of this rescue by helping us keep the huskies food supply up. For 4.99 a month you get a ticket to win the waffles, exclusive content on the subscribers' page, a %10 percent discount code for our online store and all the extra perks that come along with it like smaller discussion with Britney and I on our lives, and access to some of my rescue stories that didn't make its way to the public. In fact, I posted about a special rescue just last night.

You in? All you have to do is hit subscribe and sign up. 4.99 a month gets them fed.

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So Cute!

1 commentaire

So happy for this beautiful boy living hus bestest life! Thank you Jenni for giving him a second chance!!! 🥰😍😘🥰😍😘❣️

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