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Taken but not forgotten

Ruby Roo. One of the #chandler55. Taken by the hands of a monster, gone but never forgotten.

I wish I could go back to that day when she left me to meet the woman who would kill her. I would hold her tight and promise her a lifetime.

It's been about a year since Ruby came into my life and it was just a few months ago I would let someones words, which should have meant nothing to me, make me doubt the way that I cared for her.

The decision to let her go came from trust. I let my guard down because my hopes were high that we had found a rescue that could give Ruby what she needed, in a foster home equipped to give her the best quality of life until she found a forever home.

I talked to her killer at length on the phone before we transferred Ruby to her, she sounded like she was on the same mission as I was. I trusted her words instead of doing more research on her organization and because of that, Ruby lost her life.

The mistake I made will have profound effects on the way I rescue going forward. Rescue transfers are no more. I'll rescue, rehab and rehome my own dogs, and others should do the same.

I am relieved for the closure but I'll never forget those words that I was praying daily that I wouldn't hear.

No news was good news, right? I was not expecting to hear the true horror story straight from the mouth of her murderer on a live stream court room camera.

I don't know what happens next. I have never been good at leading a battle like this. I don't think that was my role here though, my lesson was to learn to be a better rescue, my punishment is to live with the guilt.

Ruby and 11 others lost their lives to a monster, but not before going into a battle that would save 47 others. The Chandler 12 are hero's. Ruby is my hero. She is way tougher than me. She knew her purpose here and she saw it to the end. I want to be like her.

I will never, ever forget my Ruby Roo. I promise you that she did not die in vain. I will take with me the lessons she taught me and everytime I hand off one of my huskies to another human, I will think of her and the promise I made to never hand my husky to a monster, ever again.

Rest in peace, sweet Ruby, I will see you again soon, over the rainbow bridge, while I wait, I am comfortable knowing that you are no longer halfway home.

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So Cute!


Patty Edwards
Patty Edwards
Oct 14, 2023

Rest in peace sweet Ruby. Justice for Ruby.


Bellisima Benelli
Bellisima Benelli
Oct 14, 2023

Beautiful Angel, run free now and continue to be Jenni's guardian angel 😇 ❤️ and watch over H3 with the other angels Over The Rainbow 🌈 Bridge!


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