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Let’s embark on a journey… a journey that starts at the darkest hour and shines a light into the path for huskies like Hatchi, that are lost and in need of a happily ever after.

Do you know why Hatchi is alive? Because of FB. Because someone on FB wanted him to live and asked the world for help. Because of FB, Hatchi’s story reached the very eyes that would not only save his life, but save the lives of 200 more, in 2023 alone.

Hatchi wants to help us save thousands more just like him and wants you to know that all you have to do, LITERALLY, all you have to do is follow us on social media. Literally.

Social media is the lifeline to their rescue. Without it, they don’t get our eyes, we don’t see them and they stay lost.

We NEED you to take the time and do one easy, free thing for us. We NEED YOU TO HELP. WE ARE NOT ASKING FOR MONEY THIS TIME and this is a free, FREE, way to support the rescue.

Please go to all of my pages and hit follow. You are LITERALLY helping me save their lives and reminder, it’s free! It just takes a second of your time.

Start by clicking the H3 name or here Husky Halfway House, and hit “follow”.

Here is my YouTube, which is just as important. Please, please hit subscribe. Please.

This is important guys and my Christmas wish! will you help? It’s free and literally means we can better continue our mission to save huskies from euthanasia.

Literally. We can do this, together, till they all have homes.

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3 comentarios

Patty Edwards
Patty Edwards
25 dic 2023

Following and subscribed to all. Till they all have homes.

Me gusta

I love and support whole heartedly H3 on all Social Platforms and will always support and do what I can for you all. Here's to a successful 2024, till they all have 🏡 🥰🥰🥰😘💕❣️

Me gusta

Bella Firenze
Bella Firenze
24 dic 2023

I’ve been a follower and subscriber for a few years now. I love H3 and what they do and accomplish. I’m proud to be a follower and supporter and so is my Husky, Luna❤️

Me gusta
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