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Hit this new snag in rescue.


All the big distributors like Chewy and Purina donate through Greater Good Charities. They will not donate directly to me. This weeks donation from Greater Good will last me 3 days. THREE DAYS.

We use 250lbs of food PER DAY.

Lack of food sources WILL SHUT US DOWN.

I'm just putting a warning out there. I cannot use one that wants us to be exclusive, it's very limiting to what we need so a program like hills won't do it.

I am telling everyone who wants me to rescue at this scale now that having to fight for food every week is going to stress me out beyond capacity. I barely have enough energy to rescue and deal with rescue and to have to worry about feeding this many is to much. . I may cry.

I'm going to hide. I'll come out when I can figure out how to feed them. Food is a staple in rescue. I CANNOT STRESS ABOUT FOOD. I won't be able to maintain trying to feed this many dogs so either it comes the way it has been coming or I stop rescuing more than I can feed.

Help. Send food now. And pray for us cause if food becomes a problem it's going to be a very big problem.

Food hasn't been a problem in years. But now the GG cannot give us enough. We just are not getting enough.

Send food. Anything without color. Anything. 121130 S 4180 Rd Eufaula, OK 74432

Link to our Amazon wish list:

And if I cannot find a solution, dogs will die. It's that simple.

Spay and neuter your damn pets. RESCUE CANNOT KEEP UP.

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