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Sniffin' Good

Our Little Caesars Fundraiser is So Sniffin' Good! We have sold 197 kits/deals and raised $1,164 so far! So, we figured this would be a good a time for me to introduce myself! My name is Tracy, and I am the newest team member of H3. I live in Oregon but have traveled out to the rescue once so far and plan on being there for the Haunted Husky Halfway House in October for Halloween. Pictured eyeing my pizza is my husky/malamute/german shepherd/ poodle mix named Brick and he is my very first husky. I wish I could say he is a Halfway Husky, but he is not. We love him more than anything and as you can see, he loves pizza! He always gets a bite or two, so he is very excited about the fundraiser because it's a great excuse for me to buy more of it to share with him. If there is anything you would like to know about me or Brick or the fundraiser, please ask! And watch out tomorrow for an exciting announcement.

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