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Sadness 😞 and a long sad post

It’s such a powerful word. So powerful in fact that it’s been the most used tool I have had to use to physically build H3.

Everyone of the huskies in this video has a sad story. I spread it (sadness) through social media, and with it I tell their sad stories and use said sadness to make your heart bleed enough to donate so I can make their sad stories happy.

It truly is a sad process and even more sad, is the sad way I have to tell those stories to gain followers which brings more donations meaning I can save those sad, sad faces stuck in shelters, sitting in a cage waiting for someone to either save them or end their sad, sad lives.

I do want to apologize for the lack of sadness lately and for the constant, cutesy fundraiser pushes and raffle prizes. At this point, I’ve told so many sad stories that I have no more room for fresh ones.

So the sad stories sit and wait in shelters and most of them don’t even get a chance to turn their sad into happy, and why? because there are more sad stories than there are people willing to change that, so in sadness, they remain, until they die.

It’s sad but true.

Sadly, a massive amount of the donations you guys give when I tell those sad stories stop once the husky is safe and since their haven’t been any new sad stories to tell and all of their sad stories have already been told, the donations have sadly dipped lower than the amount needed to pull them out of their sadness and get them into happy homes.

You helped me through the sad. I need your help again. This is the next phase of the rescue, the halfway point, the in between that meets all their needs and gets them healthy while they wait for their happy new homes.

Their rescue is only halfway done.

It costs $10 per dog per day to run the facility that is their halfway house.

How can I pay to care for that when the donations that come in only pay for the sadness?

Please guys, I need your help. We are halfway there, halfway to being no longer halfway home.

Here’s how you can help.

~ sign up for monthly support, just $10 a month from all of you would mean they would never go without.

~ Buy the waffles. The life-saving waffles. I cannot be more serious about how vital it is that the waffle income remains. We have so many wonderful items that have been donated that we can use to raise money, its just five dollars and it’s literally life saving. I’ll put the link in the comments.

~ Donate if and when you can. I promise there’s going to be a day where I find a way to sustain this rescue without having to beg for your help all the time, I just need a little more time.

Donation links are on my website

~ Like, comment and share on all of our posts. Facebook pays us for your likes, comments and shares. The more you comment on my posts the more money Facebook puts into the charity accounts.

My own personal page Jenni Dietsch is also monetized. If you like, comment and share on my Jenni Dietsch posts, Facebook will put money into the charity bank account. (Not my personal accts). It’s literally a free way you can help raise real money for the rescue.

~ spread the word about H3, the work that goes on here, and the fact that we are a charity and can offer a tax deduction for donations. We can also offer advertising on our social media, website and physical signage on the highway frontage side of the property for sponsorships.

~Lastly, we need foster and adoptive homes. I I cannot stress enough that literally every day that goes by means another hundred huskies die because there are not enough homes. I’ll beg for money to bring a husky to you, just take one in, please. 🙏

It’s $5 Friday. With just $5, less than a Starbucks coffee, you can help this facility thrive AND you get a chance as some cool stuff donated by you cool people, in return.

You in? Each dogs rescue is sitting at the halfway mark, I need your help to get them ready for a happy home.

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