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Ruby was in my dream again last night

And she told me it was ok to think of them now and that she is in HEAVEN.

She is running on 4 legs with all of her tail flailing behind her as she chases and bosses all the halfway huskies in heaven around like she did here.

She said to stop being sad for her becasue she is finally free. FREE, and said to talk about them now, the ones who walked out of a shelter yesterday and got their lives back.

They will be here tonight and I will turn on the live so you can share in these moments with me.

Every single time I see that van pull into my rescue knowing there is another husky in there getting a second chance, It just drives me forward and urges me to never stop. No matter what happens, no matter the mistakes, the lessons learned, through the good and the bad, my promise to them is to always, DO NO HARM, TAKE NO SHIT and just RESCUE.

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2 comentários

Bellisima Benelli
Bellisima Benelli
14 de out. de 2023

Spoken like a true leader and warrior for the fur babies! You go girl! Ruby will always be watching you and guiding you from heaven!!! 🥰😍😘


Well said.

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