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Ruby is Back

But is going to a new rescue and I need help to get her there. On top of all the financial stress we are under, this is a trip WE HAVE TO TAKE. We have to get Ruby out of here and we have to do it now. She deserves better. I am asking for cash donations to help me get her there. It’s a round trip van ride to Pheonix and while we are headed that way we are taking Mama Ghost and Lobo to their new homes. If it weren’t for her new rescue I would feel like a complete failure with this girl but really it’s a lesson learned. My rescue is not equipped to handle special needs so when she came back from her last home, I had to put her in this tiny kennel until we could find her a better solution. Here at H3, she just lives in a kennel and yes she is social with dogs and the team here but it’s shelter life true and true for her because she cannot run around the yards all day with them. to Zelle please . It’s tax deductible and instant. The trip will cost a ton of gas. Drivers, Melissa and Mike said they would sleep in the van to save money too.

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