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Rescue Ride happening now!

Sully and I are excited to tell you about our latest adventure.

First, Jimbo, whose true name is Canelo, is on his way back home. This is the kid whose family showed up a day late and a dollar short to bust him out of a shelter that would have killed him had I not pulled him out.

With that said, he is now being adopted back to his family with full H3 support and yes, the family will be covering the expenses for his rescue to include all the money I put into his vet care and the cost it takes to get him back to CA. Canelo is now neutered, microchipped to me and me only and has had all of his shots.

Guys, sometimes life isn’t nice. But we all deserve a second chance.

Jimbo has H3 now and I will watch over him. I have also asked Melissa to let Brandi at AVAS know to call us if he ends up in the shelter and we will be there to get him. No third chances.

On to the adventure. Sully, my human puppy, and I are headed to CA to complete a rescue that’s been in the works for about a month! It’s got an amazing story and I can’t wait to share it and I will in depth through the week. It involves golfing and helping those that love the sport help me rescue dogs from their area in LA County.

6 lucky huskies got their lives back during this rescue and the day is finally here to bring them all halfway home.

Lastly, H3 has a chance to earn an additional 15 THOUSAND DOLLARS this week if we can raise the same amount. A few weeks ago, a family generously offered to match a 15k donation in honor of a family member that left them way too soon. We still need to raise about 11k and have just a few days left to do it. Please help! Anyone that donate $50 to H3 during this week gets a chance to win the Mustang we are giving away on a Christmas Day, AND a pawprint painted on the concrete here at H3 in honor of your husky.

You in? We can save thousands of lives this week, literally by investing in the future.

Let’s do this. I need your help. Donations are tax deductible.

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Bellisima Benelli
Bellisima Benelli

So glad this baby goes back to his family and especially that H3 always has his back forever ❤️ 💙 💕 💓 ❣️

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