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Rescue... It's a Dirty Job

Rescue. It's a dirty job. Most days and moments are not pretty but both me and this girl will tell you that the pretty will come back out when the coat dries.

At this moment rescue isn't pretty. Every day I wake up and wonder, without actually looking, because that's not helpful, how many will lose at this dirty little thing called life.

Every day that goes by. Every single one, means another husky will die in a shelter simply for lack of space... and let's not mention all the other breeds.

What's the answer? It isn't pretty and for some reason it's not being heard.

Its spay and neuter. Remove the reproductive organs from their bodies so that they cannot produce more babies or allow their hormones to run amuck.

Definitely not pretty. We as humans also have to control our own hormones, emotions and behaviors with discipline, medications and procedures so why would we assume the animal we have as a pet is different. You have a living, breathing soul with hormones and emotions and not a lot of ways to release it without proper training, hormone control and guidance from their people.

But so many don't even understand how important that is.. or even know that it's a thing!

Especially around here.

Why ohh why would we remove their body parts? Because we as humans cannot keep their populations under control. To the point where we are having to euthanize them in city shelters just to keep up.

Spaying and neutering should be law. It's my law. All of my halfway huskies are spayed and neutered before an official adoption.

Is your pet spayed or neutered? If so, I want to say thank you and put your name in a basket for a husky to pick out your name and send you a gift bag.

It's the cutest thing. It's all husky. A husky pillow, a husky lollipop, husky flip flops, a husky keychain, a husky sticker and a husky pen. Ohh and a pair of husky socks.

Seriously, if your pet is spayed or neutered, and you are officially following the huskies page, click here. It's your free chance to get all the husky stuff. I'll add pics of the cute in the comments.

And don't forget. Are you officially following H3? Because that's about as important as spaying and neutering your pets. Husky Merch Giveaway RaffleTicket | Husky Halfway House

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