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Puppy Page Update

Look at how great Caroline is doing; she’s enjoying her puppy playtime!

Also, hi, me again we need your help, I know… I know we’ve been asking for a lot lately, but this is rescue. I have to ask you again because we are in desperate need of supplies and unfortunately, we can’t just go out and buy them we can’t afford too. That is why I’m pushing the $10 monthly subscription so hard, if all 9,250 of us stick together we wouldn’t have to beg and ask all the time, until then we are gonna have to keep asking and begging for the sake of the rescue!

Please grab the pups some supplies I’m out of everything and keeping thing clean is one of my top priorities so please help us out! Shipping is to Harwood, Maryland. Wishlist

Oh, and don’t forget to check out the puppy page H3 Puppy Boot Camp - A Program of Husky Halfway House

I just posted some very exciting news!! RUN & check it out!

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