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Puppies first.

But, officially screwed. All the money we raised on FB is still sitting there in Meta world and I have to write this big fat check on Monday for the concrete. Officially done helping FB make themselves look good by helping charities out with fundraising tools.

Please buy a raffle ticket and or make a donation to our Venmo, Zelle or PayPal. It’s tax deductible and if I don’t get it covered I will have to use my personal credit cards. Banks don’t give charities credit cards so it gets to ding my credit and take more away from my own kids, you know because they don’t give up enough with the 225 dogs in their house. I’m tired. I’m tired of saving dogs the hard way. Can I just wake up to all the resources I need to save all the huskies? Is that too much to ask? But truly, all I want is to save dogs, but I am not asking for you to do it for me, I am asking you to do it for them… and that cute Halloween pillow. Please help. is PayPal, Venmo and Zelle. Zelle is the one that doesn’t take any fees at all, just a straight transfer to the huskies acct. For the huskies, for their future, till they all have homes. Halloween Cozy Night in Raffle Ticket | Husky Halfway House

#pleasedonate #fundraising #huskyrescue #charity #huskypuppy

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