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PSA update about H3 adoption fees.

As of today November 22, 2023. H3 will now charge a non-refundable $25 adoption fee for us to consider your application. Once an application is approved, $150 is due immediately, before we even decide on a dog, which includes your $25. So, $125.

Once Britney spends hours talking with you, that 150 becomes nonrefundable if you back out before picking up a dog, to pay for the time she spends with you.

Finally, and additional $300 is due with a monthly donation of $25. You monthly is a tax deduction donation while the rest is not, it’s an adoption fee.

So, if it isn’t clear, to adopt from H3 you need $150 up front plus your transport costs. Then we require monthly support for 1 year. Thank you for considering adoption! I apologize it’s becoming such a pain, but I promise not as painful as it is to us when people waste our time.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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