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Project100 starts now.*

$100,000. 100 Halfway Huskies adopted or fostered. And then we go save 100 more California huskies facing death in kill facilities.

Step one: raise $100,000.** Bethany here, to tell you the four ways you can help us get there. Choose your own adventure! Or pick more than one, which is highly allowed and encouraged.

1. Donate. Please send tax-deductible donations to (Venmo, Zelle, PayPal) or use the Donate button on this post. For FB and IG donations, please consider rounding up to cover the processing fees. I will match all donations to H3 made between now and March 5, in honor of my birthday.

2. Adopt or foster. Are you on the fence whether to add another husky to your life? This is the week to take the plunge. You’ll add infinite joy into your life (if you’re into sassholes…), AND you’ll generate donations for H3. I’ll donate $1,000 for every approved adoption application to H3 submitted between now and March 5. Not quite ready to adopt? Then try before you buy. I’ll donate $500 for each approved foster application submitted between now and March 5.

So often in rescue, people tell us, “I want to do something to help, but I can’t adopt or foster, and I don’t have the resources to donate.” Well, today is your lucky fundraiser. I wanted to make sure that everyone could join # Project100, so here is how you can still help us raise funds (and adopters, donors, fosters, please consider helping us with the following as well)

3. Grow Team H3. Tell everyone about H3 this week – your family, friends, coworkers, fellow dog park goers, the person ahead of you at Starbucks – and get them to follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Then email me at, tell me the names of the new followers, link me to their FB and IG profiles. I’ll donate $5 to H3 for each new follower you net us. (Note: please do NOT create fake accounts – we want new supporters, not dummy accounts to increase follower count. We’re going to check profiles before tallying donations, and fake accounts won’t generate donations for the rescue.)

4. Spread the word. Share this post to your personal pages and groups with at least 1000 members that might be interested (husky, rescue, dog lover, etc.), WITH a personal note explaining why you are asking people to support H3 and # Project100. Then email with a link to your shared post. I’ll donate $5 to H3 for each shared post with a personal note.

Questions, concerns, criticisms, praises (preferred) . . . all are welcomed in the comments. And . . . go!

*Why didn’t # Project 100 start yesterday as promised? Well, because rescue is % guaranteed unpredictable. Stay tuned for Jenni to tell you about yesterday’s roller coaster.

** Boring fine print: I am planning to cap my total donation for this fundraiser (across the above four categories) at $50,000. But if you guys go big with donating, fostering, adopting, sharing, finding us new followers and we hit the $50,000 cap, I reserve the right to change my mind and donate more. Let’s go as hard as we can this week and do this thing, for the Huskies.

*** A year ago, we asked you to donate for my birthday so we could rescue California huskies, and you entrusted us with 28.5k to chase that goal. And we've delivered on our promise to you. Here's a throwback to the first 50 of more than 200 that we've saved since then. We'll be celebrating these lives saved all week, as we set up for the next 100 Halfway Huskies.

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So Cute!


Sounds good to me!!! Love this idea and everyone gets to play a part in it! 💗💓💗💓❣️

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