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One of my lost 4, Khoda 💔

Khoda. One of my 4. My lost 4. The 4 that sparked a fire in me to move faster and to understand and organize what needs to be done. The 4 that taught H3 a very valuable lesson, to never underestimate the dark side in my journey and to open my eyes to the extent both sides (good and evil) will go through to make things happen. Did it have to take a history breaking pandemic to make me move faster on this clinic dream? Yes, unfortunately yes, because that’s my journey.

I miss this guys face, I miss his sass and him thinking that he was the one who decided who got my attention. I’ll miss him everyday and someday when I see them all again, Khoda Bear, Oakley, Saturn and this guy Khoda, I’ll tell them about all the lives we saved because they gave up theirs. I can’t wait to see them all again, over the rainbow bridge.

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