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Ohhh hello and happy Friday!

Good morning! I recruited Britney and Lucifer to try to express how much we need some help with our poop problem. Serious. 400 piles of poop per day and we are just running out of everything. Kitchen trash bags are what we use for scooping and paper towels are always a major need. The expense of them is ridiculous and I don’t want to take it from the construction budget.


if you're shopping today, can you hook us up with a box? This is our Amazon wishlist. The white garbage bags and the paper towels are what we wish for, but we will appreciate any brand.

Ohhh and anyone who spends $100 or more on our Amazon wishlist needs, gets a token to that car. The car that Britney and Lucifer is sitting in,… it doesn't have a link to confirm, just send us an email with your receipt of your gift and we will email back with your token number.

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