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Next Raffle is LIVE! Only 2040 to go to meet the donation match!


2040. That’s it.

2040 is all we need to earn THIRTY THOUSAND DOLLARS!

This will complete our quarantine phase buildouts. .

Guys, I can protect my dogs from another pandemic and safely bring in more without worry of disease being spread with your help today.

Last week, two very generous supporters of these dogs offered to pitch in 10k EACH, if I can raise another 10k by the 10th. I have less than 48 hours to go.

It’s mission Monday and todays mission is to get you to trade your Starbucks for a set of balls that will recover cleanly and comfortably in quarantine.


2040 is nothing!! There is no reason to wait until the 10. I need your help RIGHT NOW.

Check out todays waffle item!! Every ticket sold counts towards that 10k goal. Carved exclusively for H3 by yet another generous and amazing supporter. Ends on the 10th at 11:59 so get your ticket now!

You guys rock. These dogs are so lucky to have you. Thank you for being there for them.

Raffle tickets happen here!

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