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New Year, new adventure.

For the last five years I have been rescuing huskies! Over 1000 now and I have always, wanted to get into mushing and build a sled team. I mean, who wouldn’t!

So, because I can, I am. A few weeks ago, I took in a female husky whom I named Rose, who was about to have babies any day.

My rescue has been on intake hold so we can build our vet clinic and I was mad stressed about having more puppies here, after dealing with 16 pregnant females I pulled off euth lists and working so hard to build a spay and neuter clinic, needless to say, I was not happy about this intake and really didn’t have a choice.

So here I am with puppies.

So I decided to keep them. I mean, they are not supposed to be here, and because they have defied all odds that I pour my very soul into making sure gets defied and f’d up in the process, I have decided to keep them.

Meet the future Red Rose Racing Team. R3.

Mama Rose literally gave me 8 red husky puppies. They are not adoptable.

The red roses will grow up at Husky Halfway House and educate kids about mushing. They will teach about proper handling and care, nutrition and growth, competition and teamwork.

Britney Murdock and Myself, plus the rest of the team at H3 will care for them and train them. We will have dog handlers like Cassandra Louise throughout our training phases and growth and hope to inspire pro mushers to come and help us save lives by teaching us how to mush.

We will work towards building relationships with sponsors that will put eyes on our rescue and ultimately help find homes for the 250 huskies at my facility as we speak.

We will document their stories in a series of books for kids, written by myself and Cassandra and illustrated by Cameo Anderson - Writer / Illustrator, who did the amazing art in Mushing Halfway Home. (You can buy it on Amazon)

Mushing Halfway Home: An H3 Journey with PRS

We will also be building them a track and will invite the public to meet them and all the huskies here. They will also offer volunteer opportunities for anyone that would like to get involved in rescue.

Every dime we make form the sale of books, merch and social media by telling their stories will be deposited directly into the accounts of Husky Halfway House, my nonprofit 501c3 rescue.

So, what do you think? Want to be a part of the journey? We would love to have you!

Follow along, doing so will save a bunch of husky lives sitting in overcrowded shelter waiting for someone to save their lives. Their story begins now…

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