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Names of the Lost in new Cement 💔

It’s Friday night and you are about to go have some fun. Maybe you are sitting around a restaurant or family dinner table talking about changing the world? Here is your chance, because, me too. I want to build a vet clinic and have a 501. Can I be apart of your Friday night? It is 5 dollar Friday, after all!!

It was exactly two weeks ago today that the fevers started and over the next 48 hours, I watched strep zoo fill their lungs and take them from me all before we could get the help we needed.

Over half of my population (120) got the fevers and all but 4 recovered and pulled through the canine flu, if it didn’t turn to strep zoo pneumonia like the 4 who were not so lucky.

I truly believe that the Body Armour sports drink, left over rymadil we had on hand and Jen at KEY Animal Hospital - Karl E. Yurko DVMs constant guidance on home care with no resources, is the very reason I ONLY lost 4.

PSA. Always keep a bottle of Body Armour on hand if you live in an area where access to care isn’t easy or financially feasible. Always keep an emergency stash in the bank to save your pet. OVS would not treat one of my dogs, after already giving them 4k for the other one, until I gave them another 5k. it’s devastating to have to walk out with your dying pet because you cannot pay and they do not care. I literally had to stand in front of my huskies and choose the one I thought was going to die first and then they wanted 10k for just two dogs.

After going through straight up hell, I made a decision to put H3 on lockdown until we can properly build a quarantine area so that we reduce the chances of another pandemic ever happening again. I made an even bigger decision to not return to mass rescuing until we can finish up the vet clinic.

I need lots and lots of money to do that and well, that might be even easier than finding a vet. But that’s not going to stop me. If money and a vet is what we need to save them all and never, ever, ever, ever lose 1, let alone 4, than that’s what we do.

H3 will remain on intake hold for mass rescues until we can properly care for the ones onsite if something major happens again.

Please know that I appreciate your support. I appreciate you being here. Because of you I can write their names in the concrete we just had poured for our quarantine yards. It’s because of them that I am determined to make this happen now, before any more lose at life in a shelter. I NEED to build a vet clinic and it’s going to cost ALOT of money. Construction alone will cost 100k. Then equipment. Construction first.

We can do this! We do this and we will save THOUSANDS of dogs lives. Not just huskies. This is for the community.

Please subscribe, please donate, please buy raffle tickets, please share, because every little thing you do is how we have gotten this far. Let’s keep going. Look what we have done in this short amount of time!!

Are you a veterinarian just out of school needing a clinic?

Investor wanting a low risk property investment?

Donor wanting to do something big for the community?

Well, I need you. I can help you do something big for the community, I can help you make a sound investment and or I can help you open a vet clinic. But I can’t do it alone. Let’s help each other.

Venmo, Zelle, PayPal, all that leads to our charity accts and FB doesn’t charge any fees. Please donate. The faster we build this the faster we can get back to rescuing.

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