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My Gratitude x10...

10. Remember yesterdays scale from 1 to woo?

It wasn’t much more than an hour later that I got the news that I had lost my boys. Both of them.

For 2023. That makes 10.

Itty, Rory, Little Bear, Baxter, Koda Bear, Khoda, Oakley, Saturn, Aries and Mars.

I spent the majority of the day alone trying to reason with myself that my mental health can handle the constant beatings and that it’s up to me how I let this effect my work.

I just want to say that not a day goes by where I dont want to hide from all of this. Not a day goes by where I don’t miss my world and my family and spending time focusing on me and them.

But my calling is true and it isn’t a choice so instead, I want to focus on gratitude. X10.

I want to give 10 thanks to the back yard breeders who makes the babies that die in my arms riddled with parasites because they care more about money than their health. Because of you, I vow to someday soon have a spay and neuter clinic to balance your greed.

I want to give 10 thanks to the rescue that trusted me with Rory. Rory taught me more about my calling than any husky I have cared for.

I want to thank the OKC shelter times 10, for letting all those dogs out even after they heard the entire place coughing. Because of you we had to go through a life altering, history making nightmare to realize how weak we are and strengthen our grip on our future.

I want to thank the family that purchased these two AKC wooly huskies, Aries and Mars, that crossed the rainbow bridge yesterday, for dropping them at the shelter before they died in their backyard.

Because of you, I had to choose between life and death for one of the brothers whose soul would not have made it without the other. You see, the infection he got from a never having vet care or preventions, had taken his eyes and started eating at his brothers heart.

I am 10 times grateful that they died with us and not with you. They spent the last 6 weeks being loved, honored and cared for. I just wish we could have saved them.

I want to thank all of you that support this mission, thank you for being there, for your time, your money, your tears and your ears. H3’s foundation was build on that support and will continue to grow. That foundation is strong now, because of you.

Lastly, I want to thank the fires that stay lit under me. I want to keep them lit, hurt and burning so that I am constantly motivated to make the change this world needs.

I have a chance to make a big change with a 10k matching donation offer until May 10th.

Can you spare a 10? I have $7000 more needed to get that match. I could really use your help. With this matching 10, making it 20. I will be able to take the next step in strengthening H3’s foundation as we manifest the solution to the ultimate problem, a spay and neuter clinic.

Please consider donating 10. Ten is a good number. It’s a fast food meal, two cups of coffee, the shorter route on the turnpike, all little things that if you could give up just 1, would help us grow ten times faster.

Thank you for your consideration and support! H3 is 501c3 so that means donations are tax deductible.

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