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👑 Meet Prince👑

Back to my selfie self. Here is another.

Meet Prince. This handsome man was in the van with another husky named Marty that we pulled out of Contra Costa shelter a few weeks ago.

Just as this guy busted out of the shelter and started heading this way, this entire place started coughing. Once we hit the fevers I told Rob to stop and get meds for all 4 dogs in the van and then go on an adventure.

So they did.

From CA to NY. Prince, Marty, Rusty and Bo who hitched a ride from LA, has now had their tour of the country, been medicated and monitored and so I decided it was time for them to come home.

Driving around the country aimlessly because I won’t let them visit anyone since the van had been exposed, was getting boring and I think Rob got sick of van camping. Not one dime did he spend on hotel.

H3 is still on lockdown. Our quarantine area is getting concrete tomorrow and sanitized times 3 in anticipation of the Stockton 10. I made plans to bring them in before we got hit with the nightmare that was last week, and I will take the chance here instead of letting them be euthanized.

We will be ready to let huskies go to homes and rescue more around the end of May. In the meantime please get those adoption applications in. It’s a really good time to take the time you need to choose the right one for your family. By the end of May the quarantine room and yards will be done and will be ready to go full force with all our licensing for our vet clinic.

Next step. Spay and neuter clinic. It’s happening. It’s happening now.

Together. Till they all have homes.

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