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Can you help sponsor Mattie’s rescue ride?? Mattie and I woke up in Memphis this morning. Van camping is ALWAYS much more fun when it’s freezing outside!

Speaking of freezing! Is everyone getting ready for the big freeze out? While I am expecting the huskies to love it we have lots of prep to do from making sure the well pump doesn’t freeze as well as all the water hoses and my wolfdogs houses are stuffed full of straw and everyone gets warm beds while we dream of snow falling down on us.

Mattie and I could use a little help with his impromptu trip. With the storm coming in we decided to hurry up and get him to GA so we can free up his kennel for the two white puppies. Also, because of the storm we are postponing the east coast trip for a few days. Britney will let you know the plans!!

In the meantime, I need about $250 to cover all the gas for Mattie. Can anyone help sponsor his rescue ride?? These tiny gestures help us keep from dipping into the daily budget, it would take a ton of stress off of us and the donation is tax deductible.

Sooo, can you help sponsor him? THANK YOU for your consideration and all of your support! Donations can be made, and tax receipts issued via

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