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Mama Gracies babies say good morning!

They also have a message for you. A few messages actually. First, we finally got our money from FB and as I suspected they used the PayPal Giving fund which is why it didn't drop on its regular schedule. Not cool but glad it's resolved. But I still need $5,000 for that concrete. The entire bill is 23.5. I have to write that check today, so, I want to make one more ask for your help to cover that last 5k. Would you be willing to make a $50 donation towards the cost? In return, I will paint a paw print on the concrete in your pups honor, just leave a note on the order of which name you would like to memorialize on the paw print. And bonus, anyone that makes a donation today with the link to my paw print and yes, it's a tax-deductible donation, will also get a free copy of my book Mushing Halfway Home. A kids book with amazing art about my halfway huskies. Here is the link to buy that paw print. Thank you so, so much for your consideration.

On another note.. I was just asked why we have puppies at our rescue so I'll address the issue here. H3s mission is spay and neuter. I pulled mama Gracie out of a shelter in Ca and when we went to spay her she was too far along. I will let you all know now that I am not against spay abortion. If Gracie had not already been showing, which really only happens during the last two weeks of gestation, I would have aborted those puppies. Now I know not everyone agrees with that but damnit there are 220 huskies here that were literally about to die in the shelter. How can we allow more babies to roam this earth and end up needing rescue? We can't. I won't.

But here we are, with 3 litters of puppies alll from pulling moms out of shelters too far along. Also, when I pulled the moms, I also pulled every single husky out of the shelter that day so no, I am not out there seeking puppies. Quite the opposite. But again, here we are. So please, help us continue to care for them and the 220 adults here while they are halfway home. Donations are tax deductible, and every dime goes to their care and getting them out alive.

#huskyrescue #halfwayhome #supportrescue

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