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Major Rant


DONE. And sick of the people behind it! Waking up to messages about people wanting unaltered dogs so their females can have a litter, telling the shelter I cannot take the puppies they will euthanize this afternoon and being criticized for my yards, my fencing, my looks, my teeth, and the most fun, my struggles!

Literally criticizing my rescue for struggling while they weigh me down by pure ignorance.

I AM DONE. I can’t do it and I don’t want to anymore. I dont have to! I want my own life back and am done letting the calling make choices for me. All I have to do is walk away. WALK AWAY JEN. Go spend time with your kids, they are growing so fast and you are missing it! Your own huskies only have a few years left and you are missing it!! Every life long dream has been given to this rescue. Your money, your books, your cars, your saving, your everything. You don’t even have a bedroom to call your own to display the things you have worked hard for. Nothing. Move on! Get a job! With benefits and time off. Weekends! Imagine punching a clock and leaving everything behind except my own family and dogs.

You see, I am listening to myself. It’s coming to that. I’m done! I’m sorry!! It’s been 4 years now and I still cannot support myself or kids enough to keep this rescue going and provide for them.

The only way H3 will continue at this scale and not turn into some boutique rescue that I step away from, cause the hustle is too much of a struggle, is if we get big money to build it.

We need a vet clinic, electric, a building for our thrift shop and landscaping and we cannot rescue again until or unless it happens. Sounds impossible doesn’t it. Because it is! And I have realized that now.

Rescue has broke me. 4 years now of giving everything I have including the air in my lungs, and I mean that, to this rescue and I am done.

I am going to step back for a bit. Make some decisions for my own life and MY family. Mine. I have a family that I never see because I am spending too much time trying to save them and not my own family.

If there is anyone out there that wants to help me build a rescue where we can save all the huskies and not sacrifice our souls for it then I am here and will give it my all. But it takes money and lots of it. Without it, I’ll be choosing to live my own life. I can’t live theirs anymore. I’m sorry! This is not me failing. This is me winning. For my own kids and my own peace.

In the meantime. We won’t be paying the mortgage this week..

Miss Caroline found herself in some trouble last night. It started with what appeared for her to be choking and now she is attached to an oxygen tank and the vet thinks everyone has distemper. Not they don’t. Dogs just don’t show up with distemper after choking and living 8 solid weeks with their healthy litter and mama. They just want money, money and more money, so there she will be until they bleed us dry or she makes it out of there.

I’m done. It’s time to throw in the towel. But before I go. I have to pay this girls vet bill. Instead of the roof over their heads. Maybe you can help by sparing 5. Or buy buying a stupid raffle ticket that barely covers enough for their care let alone an extra emergency vet bill. H3 cannot go on like this. If you have a tax deductible donation to spare that will help us continue this mission then please come forward. It’s the only way. Help me help them. Otherwise we don’t. And they die. It’s just money. Stupid money that people waste every single day. It would Literally solve every problem every rescue has. and yet here we are.. defeated and giving up.

Why can’t I be like the others and just be happy rescuing a dog or two, finding them a home, having my own life, a well paying job and health insurance OMG health insurance. I dream of that for my kids. But the huskies seem to be more important than then these days and well, that’s got to change. Right now.

Donate if you can and I hope to be back soon. And in a better place.

I need 5k to cover this girls vet visit where she is currently fighting for her life while I cry here about money. And 8k to cover the bills this week and last weeks missed bills. Next week will bury us even further. I’m done guys. My soul is exhausted and gone. I have given it all. And now I am taking it back. I have a right to do that! I have a right to wake up everyday and not be traumatized by my choices.

Donate if you can. I hope to be back soon and be in a better place.

-Jenni D

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