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Lucifer's DNA Results Are In... and We Are On Intake Hold

He is way less than I thought but I was just guessing and what do I know?

But this post isn’t about Lucifers 38% grey wolf content. It’s about our intake hold.

I have been warning that I am reaching capacity and I have but more importantly the strain of taking on an additional 80 huskies this past year was finally capped our resources.

We ran out of food, not everyone is getting inside in the AC, a few are regressing from people and there is a lot of conflict which leads to fights which leads to vet bills.

So for the sake of the huskies here and for the sake of the future of H3, we are putting a firm hold on all intakes INCLUDING euth listed huskies about to die today until two things happen.

1. We get 50 huskies out of here and into homes. Once we drop under 150 onsite, I can start pulling dogs out of shelters again. This will eliminate most current issues we are experiencing.

2. we can safely allow volunteers. We are so close guys! We have always been working towards the day when we can safely bring in volunteers. The reason I don’t have volunteers now is because the property is still not landscaped nor safe. You will break your ankle falling in a hole and I still don’t have the electric hooked up. The most important thing that needs to be done is sidewalks into the buildings and around the property so volunteers and staff can safely walk around.

Right now the dogs have tore it all up so much that it’s just a lawsuite waiting to happen and I cannot take that risk.

So please. Adopt. I need 50 adoptions happening right now. All adoption and transport fees are waived with monthly support.

Sponsor. I don’t have the funds for sidewalks. We used all the money we earned on the construction and concrete we recently did. We broke. But I have highway frontage with signage and would be happy to trade. I need sidewalks. If you can sponsor it, I have the total “location, location, location” for your business name.

Otherwise. We don’t rescue. In the meantime. I’ll keep bugging you and hopeful for the day when someone sees how much we need their help.

The team has been instructed to say no to every intake request. it’s time for us to focus on the dogs we already rescued, before we need rescuing too.

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