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Lucifer Loves Meat

Some will ask how I can advocate for animals but not for all animals. This is a wolfdog. Plain and simple. There is no universe out there where this dog wouldn’t be eating meat. If this offends you, I apologize. It doesn’t offend me, I think it’s interesting. I am not against eating meat or not eating meat. I am against the cruelty involved.

This isn’t cruel, it’s just a wolfdog eating raw chicken.

I used to give my huskies raw beef rib bones. They would chew on them for hours.

Lucifer is here visiting me at the rescue and gets raw meat for meals. It’s my first time feeding raw chicken. I truly thought he would sit down and nurse those bones the way my huskies would.

Wolfdog owners, I would love to learn more and hear your experiences! What are you feeding your wolfdogs?

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