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Look what Britney gets for her birthday!!

It was the perfect way to end Halloween night. Didnt I say that something scary was likely to happen? Heck we rescue, everyday is scary and unfortunately, one of my CA kiddos went nutso on both Britney and Mike!

We will talk about that later, heck, she might even go live and let you see if you want to. But first, back to Britney. ITS BRITNEYS BIRTHDAY WEEK!!!

It really sucks she will be in lots of pain and on pain medication but she is determined to make her birthday one that saves thousands of lives. Thousands! Is it too much to ask to help me help her earn 25k for her 25th birthday? I mean, she is worth way more than that, the huskies are worth way more than that and she wants to make sure their future is solid! With the money Britney earns for her birthday, she is giving every dime to the huskies to help build their spay clinic. Every dime!

Can you help Britney help the huskies earn 25k for a bunch of vet clinic equipment? What a better way to celebrate than to prevent to lives of those that will die in shelters anyway.

Use this link, it’s Britney’s birthday donation link. But even better. BRITNEY WILL GIVE YOU A RAFFLE TICKET TO WIN THE 40th ANNIVERSARY MUSTANG CONVERTIBLE, if you click that link twice and donate $50 or more.

If you donate more than 50, you will receive an email with your raffle ticket number to the car. The raffle will be drawn on Christmas Day 2023. We will announce all the rules soon, but for now, it’s imperative that you use the link and provide all the information we need to rightfully raffle the car. If you donated and don’t see that email within 48hours, please reach out so we can get you on the list!

Here is her donation link! May the odds be forever in your favor!!

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