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Look at these handsome boys. They look so alive.

NO ONE will ever try to take that from them again. Hey, now that I have your attention,

If you haven’t heard, H3 is givng a car to one of our supporters on Christmas Day.

For the next week, we are giving away the last round of tokens for the 04 40th anniversary Mustang convertible and yes, it’s red and it’s perfect.

Here is how you can get one, or two, or heck as many as you want. We need help with a few things and want to give something back.

 We need food. We are down to maybe two days of food and next delivery isn’t till the 18th.

~If you could ship us $100 worth of Purina One Chicken flavor, we will give you a token for the car. Send a screenshot to to claim your token number.

~ buy $75 worth or more of waffle tickets for either jewelry set or the wreath.

Send an email to to claim your token number.

~donate $50 to this post, our website. PayPal, Venmo or Zelle to then send an email to Tracy to claim your token number.

Lastly, a dear friend of mine and someone vital to the business success of H3 has challenged you all to match her 10k towards my birthday fundraiser for the vet clinic. She has given me till midnight on the 14th (my birthday) to raise the 10. But really, please help me raise at least 49, because that’s how old I am, and the totals for my vet clinic.

-$25.5k exterior vet clinic building

-$14.5k seal floors, tile and seal trim

-$6k utilities/electrical

-$75k vet equipment

-$3k signage

-$15k kennels

-$25k perimeter fencing

If you can help me get this done, I will have built a spay and neuter clinic for the local community as well as other rescues and well, anyone that we can help to not contribute to the problem of dogs being euthanized in shelters for space.

And hey, it’s my birthday, I want or give it to the huskies and want you to have a shot at that car. You in? #spayandneuter #supportrescue #huskyrescue #birthdaywish

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