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Let’s start our Giving Tuesday with a howl!

Good morning”” says 250 huskies!!

Today is the day we do the thing! Today is the day we fund our vet clinic! H3 is giving back so anyone that donate gets something in return.

Donate $5 and get a chance at the husky Christmas wreath.

Donate $50 and I will send you a copy of my kids book, Mushing Halfway Home.

Donate $100 and you are getting Rubys calendar book AND Mushing Halfway Home

Donate $125 and you get the two books and a chance to win the Mustang convertible.

Donate anyway you want to, just send an email with your amount and your address so we get you in the drawing for the car and get your books out to you.

Thank you so much for the consideration, everyone! All donations this Giving Tuesday are going to spay and neuter.

You can still earn a car token for starting a GT fundraiser on FB for H3. Just ask your family and friends to raise $25 and share, share, share!

The community needs this and so do the huskies! #givingtuesday #huskyrescue #morninghowl

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