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Let's celebrate our dogs' names today!

What is your dog's name? What does it mean? Why did you choose it?

My husband got to choose Joey's name and he drove me crazy because he wouldn't choose one! He wanted to meet the puppy before making up his mind. My best friend suggested Joey as a name since we are all fans of Friends, the tv show. It fit him instantly, as soon as his feet hit our yard, this goofy, sweet and lovable little dude had a name and a home. Forever. -Tracy

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21 de mar.

Harold came with his name and it was too perfect to change. Luna was named Lucy when we got her but our friend's dog, Lucy, just passed away. We felt Luna for her better.

Our prior rescue huskies, Tucker and Aniu. Tucker came with the name Teddy and I changed it immediately when I rescued him. Aniu was Mia, but her all white coat reminded me of the Inuit name for snow on the ground - Aniu.


My babies name is Amore and in Italian it means Love. I chose it because as soon as I laid eyes on him it was love at first sight. 🥰😍🥰😍❣️

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