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Last March we lost this tiny baby of Kara's.

It began with him not eating and vomiting and ended with him needing a bone marrow transplant, something that was not an option for us or even an option in our area, so we made the decision to let him go.

Just a few weeks before he left us he pawtographed a bunch of Valentine cards. I'd like for you all to have them. I have 10. The next ten people to order a set of Valentine cards, will get an extra one pawtographed by Little Bear himself. Tracy will mark the orders staring at 12:30pm CST, today and the first 10 to order, get the bonus pawtographed card.

This is a great way to help the huskies to our own clinic so babies like this get a better chance at affordable treatment, and to get yourself a set of the cutest Valentine cards with our own Halfway huskies on them so you can share your love with your family and friends. You get 21 cards and the next 10 to order gets the bonus card, pawtographed by Little Bear.

And go!

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Such a sweet idea! Huskies make such beautiful pictures and have charming personalities… so do Malamutes such as my Lexie! The best ever from you Jenni!!!!❤️❤️❤️🌹🌹🌹! I wish I could have a dozen more!!!💯💯💯



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