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This is by far the coolest fundraiser we have ever done! Know why? Because it doesn't have an end date! Join RaiseRight under Husky Halfway House and any gift cards you buy earn money for the huskies! All year long! Tons of digital and physical gift cards available at a low cost and you don't have to leave your house? Plus, there are over 700 stores/brands to choose from! Looks like everyone on my Christmas list is getting gift cards and chocolates. Enrollment code is FQT9N9QISN9H or you can follow the link below and it will automatically take you to enrollment with the code pre-populated. #fundraiser#supportrescue#holidayshoppingtime#holidayshopping

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1 Comment

Bellisima Benelli
Bellisima Benelli
Nov 20, 2023

Great idea 🥰😍😘

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