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It’s Panda Express Fundraiser Day!

Are you guys ready for Panda? I have been dreaming of my lunch/dinner run for about three days now. The closest Panda Express is about a 45-minute drive one way, so I always have to plan it out, but it is worth it to help the huskies. I am also going to run a few errands while out, to justify the gas and what not, specifically the post office. what about you guys? Are you getting Panda for lunch at work? For dinner after work? Is it your day off and you just want a treat? Remember this is going to be the best P.E. fundraiser yet so we need everyone to participate. Don't forget to share pictures! Preferably with huskies in it but we love dogs and cats too. This way, it's like we are all sharing a meal together. -Tracy

This fundraiser works at any Panda Express in the U.S.

Orders must be made online or through the app and code 917950 must be entered in the fundraiser code box during check out for us to get credit!

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