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It's Cold, But Headed for a New Beginning, for a Special Girl.

It’s cold where we are.

Much colder than we are used to. That’s ok though because by the time the cold goes away, this girl and others like her, like Faith, will have healed and moved on and while neither they, nor I, will ever forgive or forget, we will, in fact, move on.

In just hours, Karma will meet her doctors and her new life begins.

Meanwhile, back in a California, Faith, rescued by Little Big Paws Pet Rescue, is just a few days away from getting all her questions answered by her doctors, while she too waits for her new life to begin.

Faith is in need of some sponsors to help with her medical care. She has a broken pelvis and a huge gash in her head and will be at UC Davis on Monday to work on her care plan. H3 has a waffle going on to help fundraise for her bills. It’s only $5 for a chance to get a whole bunch of H3 merch and gifts.

You in? There are only 8 hours left before the waffle ends. Here is the link. Every dime goes to Faith.

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