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It's Britney's Birthday!

ITS MY BIRTHDAY finally 25, trying to raise 25k for the huskies!! Thank you so much for those who have donated so far! This is going to be the best birthday ever! I still need to raise 8,275 to reach my birthday goal!!!

Will you please help make this the best birthday ever it involves saving thousands of lives!

Now let’s get back to memory lane. This is one of my favorites. So back in March, you see I went and rescued with Jenni. We went all the way to California, and we started talking about what it would be like if I was an employee, and I was like I would love to do this every day. I would love to get paid to do what I love and continue to help find dogs, forever homes. Well, that dream started to become a reality, so I decided to celebrate that new beginning and I went and bought a car which some of you have seen it. I went and bought a minivan so that way when I did transport, I had enough room comfortably and safe to travel with dogs so I was 24 buying a minivan and I have no kids I was also was totally a person that said I would never own a minivan and here I was buying my first car ever and it was a minivan. 

April 24 was my first day being an official employee and man did it feel good. I quit NASA and started working my dream job doing what I love. I will forever be grateful that I get to do what I love and work with dogs every single day and how much an amazing team we have.

No time to put that new minivan to use two of our huskies that were previously adopted needed rescuing again their mom got sick and they needed to come back to us so I went to New Jersey and got them. That is Bruno and Laffey (I missed them yesterday so make that 84 dogs that have been in my home).

A few days later, I drove to the rescue to get Laffy and Bruno to the rescue, and I wanted to see a couple of my favorites at the rescue but not only that they were getting adopted and that is Bonnie and Archie. I won’t lie. I totally cried when Bonnie left, but she went to an amazing family with her brother Clyde. Archie was one me and Jenni rescued in California and I immediately was attached to him and he was totally going to come home with me if he didn’t get adopted but he also found an amazing mom and I had the pleasure of driving him all the way to his front door plus a couple others I think I had 7 loaded up!

And that last picture that you see is what we call vamping van camping so when I travel, I sleep in my van that way I don’t have to leave the dogs, but also to save money!

Thanks for being in this journey with me!

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Nancy Hoefen
Nancy Hoefen
Nov 05, 2023

that link is broken page not found

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